Choice Baptist

Choice Baptist Church and School, Wabigalo, Kampala

Wabigalo is one of 11 slums in Kampala, Uganda. The urban population stands at 5.5 million and it is estimated that by 2020 there will be 8 million slum dwellers. (New Vision Newspaper, March 2013)
  Choice BC was founded in 1999. The area is predominantly Muslim and there was much opposition. The church started a Nursery school which helped local people to accept it. The original building was a wooden construction under a polythene and canvas roof.
  Links with the church began after 2001 when DBC members Chris and Christine Leach visited Wabigalo as part of a BMS Summer Team. This link continued and, as part of their own building project, DBC donated funds to enable Choice to buy its own land and expand the church structure. It was an amazing gift!
  DBC continues to support the Pastor and the ever growing school at Choice.
The money given supports the Pastor, the school teachers and the school itself.
  Pastor Alex lives nearby in a small 2 roomed house with no running water or electricity. DBC’s support has transformed the work within the church and school.
In 2012, after a visit to Wabigalo by Ed Pope and Chris Leach, it became evident that many children in the school were coming to school hungry.
  In January 2014, a group of people, including many from DBC started a fund (called “Pebbles”) for feeding the school children. A kitchen was constructed, overseen by Chris Leach and Stuart Chorley.
  In February 2014, the first meals were served. 110 children are fed daily as well as the staff. 3 cooks and an administrator are employed by the project.
  The latest development for the church and school is water. There was no running water on site and it was a long walk to the nearest stand pipe. In 2015 Westbury on Trym Baptist-church sent money through “Pebbles” to lay on water at the church. What an exciting day!

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