Mission work for Dorchester Baptist (DBC) in Lapusna, Moldova started in 2012.  Veronica and Ciprian from the DBC congregation had a visit from Veronica’s father, Costa Florea. 

Pastor Florea has ambitions to develop a new church building for worshipping God and to continue his pastoral work in the area.





This photo shows the congregation in the BisericaBaptista Emanuel church during their Sunday morning worship.  Within a service all of the congregation take part, whether it be singing songs (with no musical accompaniment), praying or reading from the Bible. 






DBC is currently donating money to deliver food parcels to over 20 families in Lapusna.  These include food essentials such as sugar, rice and salt, and also some hygiene products such as soap and toothpaste.






The living conditions of many of the families from Pastor Florea’s congregation are very poor.  Roofs leak, windows are missing panes, walls with gaping holes let the cold air draught in, all in a country and climate where the winter temperatures can regularly reach -20 degrees celcius.





This father and son live together, the father is a Moldovan war veteran.  He receives a small payment each month from the government (pence not pounds).  As he was being attacked for this small amount his son tried to protect him and was savagely beaten leaving him with permanent spinal injuries that make it difficult for him to walk.





This boy is now approximately 8-9 years of age.  He was traumatised when he was 4 and got lost from his parent.  People from the village looked for and subsequently found him but he has never talked or walked since.











Moldova was under Russian authority until 1991 when they left and took anything of any value with them.  All of the industry went at this time and so there is little infrastructure left in the country.  All of the families are forced to cultivate their back gardens in order to feed themselves.





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